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A full refund will be given under the following conditions:

  • The order is cancelled 48 hours or more in advance.
  • The yard sign or bouncy castle cannot be set up due to inclement weather.


Refunds will not be given under the following circumstances:

  • If we are provided an incorrect address at time of purchase, our associates will not be able to properly deliver the sign or bouncy castle. Please make sure you have correct address when booking your rental.
  • If the resident or gift recipient stops us from setting up display.
  • If the resident or gift recipient requests the lawn sign be taken down.
  • If a gated community will not allow us access to set up the yard card or bouncy castle. If your yard sign recipient lives in a gated community, please make arrangements for us to have access to recipient's home.
  • The resident/gift recipient has a dog on premises that prevents our associates from setting up yard sign.
  • The resident/gift recipient is "out of town" or away on delivery day and does not get to see display. If you learn that your recipient will not be home on scheduled delivery date, we will gladly reschedule or cancel order, but we need at least 24 hour notice for either.



Items purchased from our business opportunities category will ONLY be refunded under the following conditions:

  • Items are cancelled within 24 hours of purchase and have not yet been shipped.