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Lawn Greetings

A Lawn Greeting is a yard card that offers a fun alternative to sending bouquets of flowers, balloons, candy etc. or it can be added to the party for any occasion.

**Please allow 24 hours for delivery, next day delivery available.

 5 Day Stork

Announce a new arrival to the world with a gorgeous stork greeting. Call us when the baby is born - We can deliver before Mom & Baby get home!

Boy Stork Greeting  girl stork greeting

Baby Stork Sign

Stork Rentals include:  

  • 5 day sign rental
  • Personalized keepsake(s) ADD $20
  • Choice of pink or blue stork

5 Day Stork Rental with It’s a Girl/It’s a Boy Bundle $85 (Delivery extra)
5 Day Stork Rental with keepsake personalized baby bundle $100 (Delivery extra)
7 Day Stork Rental with keepsake personalized baby bundle $125 (Delivery extra)

Twin Storks— 50% off second stork  

 Call us today at 519-498-4795 to rent a Stork!


1 Day Special Occassion Lawn Sign Rental

$90.00  plus delivery and pick-up

Personalize star with "Happy (40)th Birthday [Name]"

Add large (4') age numbers for an additional $15

Here are some of the options to choose from: 

-Fairy Princess- Fancy Cake (add age...for example 16, 40, 50, 80) - Train - Mickey Mouse - Barney - Big Bird

Princess Lawn Sign Choo Choo Lawn Sign Funiky Cake Lawn Sign
Fairy Princess Choo Choo Funky Cake
(Any Age)


       Fancy Cake with "40" numbers      Fancy Cake with 60


Call us today at 519-498-4795 to rent a Special Occassion Lawn Sign!


Sibling Stars and Accent Signs

A wonderful addition to any rental. Add a special sign for the new big brother or sister or add your own personal messages.

Sibling Stars
  • $15 / one
  • $25.00 / two
  • $35.00 / three


Please forward the following information if you wish to order:

Your name:

Your phone number and email address:

Date needed for:

Address of delivery:

Desired Lawn Greeting:

Birthday Message: Happy [number?]th [Name]

Stork keepsake personalized message (if ordered): First Name, Middle Name, Birthday, Weight

Is there definitely a Lawn at this location?

Is the house number clearly marked on the house?

Is there a dog at the residence?

We typically deliver between 10PM the night before and 8AM the day of the desired delivery date for birthday greetings. Stork Greeting times vary. We understand that there needs to be some flexiblity when it comes to hospital release times.

Please note that we cannot deliver in winds of greater than 30Kmph. If winds are too high for delivery you will receive your money back. If sign is delivered and then later winds are so high sign needs to be taken down, you do not receive any money back. (We have had one occasion where sign needed to be picked up at 6PM instead of 8PM because winds became too high and one occasion where sign could not be delivered at all. These occasion are very unusual.)

Payment: A lawn greeting is not considered “booked” until payment is received. Payment can be made by clicking on the “make a payment” button on the right hand side of the screen. You are then taken to PayPal where you can use your own PayPal account if you have one or you can used your credit card. I do not see any of the payment information except a notification from PayPal that payment has been made. When you are asked for the invoice number simply use your name.